not long ago we had a pregnancy scare, its was a scare cause neither one of us are in the time of life were a kid should arive.if we were pregnant tho i would have took care of my baby and my girl. If it came to the point that she wanted to put it up for adoption i had the perfect home for it loving family wanting to adopt again. 


Scared was i no tho i should have been cause for my girl and i to be together is illegal Cause of the age difference. I was only worried about the health of my girl and baby. I was worried and happy and nervous but not scared. Turned out no pregnant that was a good thing tho. 

Maybe we can have a baby one day when the time is right. 

I speak of this cause I can cause it was a moment in my life were I could have been in big trouble but dodged trouble. I would have never denied a thing. I'm in love yes I am and anything I can to help or make her happy I will do. 

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