as i sit here

as i sit here with a smell of perfect in my nose and a voice in mind ive a feeling on my hands of soft bbeautiful skin, i think of my next days like am i going to be able to live on my own will i be able to handel real life i sit here not wanting to fail im sick of failing so ill bust my ass to live my life. 

Im no longer on drugs no longer wanting nor needing them im sober an its sweet. Im in love with a beautiful brown sweetheart she thinks shes mean but no shes her and her is amazing . She stright forword and thats great, she cares ,shes hip,shes real as ever i love her everyrhing i know about her i love. 

So my life its going to be ok im gping to bust my ass. For what i want so ill be ok. Buttercup know this im not teying to take anything away from you just trying to see you reach your dreams and goels. I want you to live your life i want you to be happy i care i love you. 

I know im not the greatest person or best looking or smartest an i know im hard to deal with at times and i apologize for it im trying not to be tho. :)

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Comments (1)

  1. tarataytasticbrooks

    no… you’re hard to deal with most of the time.

    March 17, 2014