The miles will die

Truth be told I am a one women man I don't cheat nor lie about things. I treat my girl with much love and respect. I've only eyes for her that's all I need is one that one is her. I couldn't see myself trying to hug on kiss on sleep with another while I'm with her it's just not something I'm into. 

I see and hear how this one and that one have x amount of side chicks an what not an I'm just stirring here like damm that's Cray so disrespectful. No one is perfect, but my girl ya she's perfect ya. She's not like any other female I have ever met before there's so much about her that draws me to her. 

The day will come when the miles don't exist anymore the day will come when we are side by side hand in hand with no need for waking early to say see you later with the hurt in our heart trying to hold back tears just cause I have to catch the bus for the 2 hour ride home. The day is coming when there will be no leaving no hurt no fighting tears. Way before 2015 hits there will be no more miles between us. 

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